A Man's Word

A Man's Word is a documentary film about nowadays spirituality, written and directed by Arnaud Peuch
Throughout the interviews with three of today’s spiritual masters : Lee Lozowick, Arnaud Desjardins and Stephen Jourdain, we arrive at a new understanding of the great challenges humanity will have to face in the immediate future ; ecological crisis, terrorism, materialistic fundamentalism, etc.
Is a spiritual wake-up possible ?

The end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century have been marked by crises to which the phenomenon of globalisation has given a resonance without precedent. The question of values as the basis of civilisation often shows itself to have a hollow ring in the midst of these crises, whether or not the spiritual reference is used as pretext or justification.

Apart from obvious stereotypes, such as Islamic terrorism or American imperialism, proclaiming itself “ the axis of Good “, apart from spiritual tourism skilfully promoted by advertising executives, there is also a profound spiritual thirst which is growing and shared by more and more of the planet’s citizens.
Many observers are asking themselves if the rise to prominence of this thirst is likely to bring about a large scale social change, a U turn, and what will be the conditions of this turnabout.

At the spiritual forefront of their time, 3 visionaries expressed themselves in a series of talks, alone in front of the camera. They share with us their understanding of the changes in progress and their prognoses for future developments within society. They castigate misguided attitudes in relation to spirituality, they speak to us of their fears in the face of likely events and of their hopes for an imminent or eventual spiritual revival in the 21st century.

Arnaud Desjardin Lee Stephen

The contempory point of view :
Spirituality today is removed from the yoke of religion, removed from the pot pourri of fashionable occult and magic; a spirituality without concession and without decorum, connected to the spasmodic tempo of our time.
At the same time, there is the understanding of a genuine, authentic demand, powerful and urgent, for spirituality in a real contempory manner.

The spiritual point of view :
The world of today, approached from a spiritual point of view, exists in a relationship to reality, which is at the same time both scientific and philosophical. Our 3 speakers are not politicians, men of religion, anthropologists or economists, but rather masters of spirituality who have immersed themselves in research for decades. Despite very different styles and being colourful characters, at the heart of their witness lies a freedom from attachment to personal opinions.

The author’s point of view :
While trying to be faithful to the spirit of the comments of each character in the film, I did not want to fall in the trap of an excess of reverence because I believe that obsequiousness in this regard can lead to fundamentalism. Nevertheless what the film expresses does not summarise the “pensée” of any one of my 3 chosen speakers. For that I refer my audience to the numerous works which each has published.
These spiritual teachers or philosophers invite us to rediscover a more just and truer relationship to the world of today; wisdom is not necessarily ancient and locked up in dark tomes. That means we have to redefine our relationship to reality and the sort of world we want, to place humanity again at the centre of our concerns and to attach more importance to being than having. The rest will follow.
                                                                                                                                         Arnaud PEUCH



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Original title : Paroles D’Hommes / A Man’s Word
Genre: Documentary
Length: 68 min.
Format: DVCam, b&w
Languages spoken: French, English
Subtitles: English, French
Year of production: 2007
The Team
Régis Lagoeyte

Motion design
Pierre Magnol - Kurtzmedias
Alexandre Desmassias - Paradox Studio

Alain Dupasquier
Michel Bizet
Arnaud Peuch

Sound design (intro)
Bruno Carpentier

Sound mix, editing and mastering
Christophe Marraud - Sonic Studio

Gilles Farcet

Written, directed and edited by
Arnaud Peuch